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Making a mark with Wickens

Wickens at the Royal Mail Hotel


Wickens Brand Identity


Royal Mail Hotel


Creative Direction

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Design Lead

At the foothills of the Grampians, the sleepy little town of Dunkeld keeps a secret. For years, the Royal Mail Hotel has quietly been serving world-class fine dining from its two-chef-hatted restaurant, housing the southern hemisphere’s largest private wine collection and offering luxury accommodation to match.

As par of the branding project for RMH, we also created the identity for their stunning new restaurant, recently reopened under head chef Robin Wickens.

Building on the ‘food’ furrow, we gave Robin's signature an underscore—visually connecting people to place, kitchen garden to dining table, and adding a personal touch to the brand. All the elements came together in a simple, authentic mark for the restaurant’s launch.

Starting with head chef Robin Wickens’ signature, we used Royal Mail’s ‘food’ furrow to draw the line—quite literally—from kitchen garden to dining table.

We created a library of photomicrography images—like this macro shot of salt crystals—to use as textural elements in brand assets, and to apply at scale on restaurant walls.

The Wickens underscore had all kinds of fun brand applications. (The challenge was saying ‘when’)

With simple, understated executions, the Wickens brand became an organic extension of the Royal Mail identity.