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Wallflower Café


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Another corner of Melbourne, another café. So how do you stand out, without showing off? Announce your arrival, but feel like you grew there organically?

For owners Dane and Jonny, opening Wallflower was a passion project, and they wanted the brand to feel chic, understated and clean. 

So I worked to create an aesthetic in keeping with the ‘business end’ of Collins Street. Neat and uncluttered, but warm and welcoming. Giving it personality and colour, and adding something fresh to the humdrum of corporate lunch breaks.

Sadly, the launch was delayed, and Wallflower hasn’t yet had its chance to bloom. So rather than hide it away, I thought I’d show it off for you here.

Wallflower was located at a prominent intersection in Melbourne’s CBD, so the mark reflects a meeting point —with soft, open corners and small, organic flourishes.

The two-tone treatment gave us a backdrop element—a wall, if you will—for the wordmark to lean on.