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Renault Australia


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Along with the keys to a car, new owners received a bespoke brand book, welcoming them to the Renault family as part of the onboarding experience. 

Throughout its 200 pages, readers discovered more than 115 years of proud French heritage, audacious innovations, triumphant motorsport victories and futuristic concepts — all told with the passion, confidence and joie de vivre that the marque is known for. 

To capture new fans and tell Renault’s story, I co-wrote the book along with my team—researching, sourcing and restoring archival images, editing, designing the layout and managing print production—overseeing the creative from start to end, ensuring the piece was delivered at the highest standard.

The book was a great success.

Drivers were welcomed into Renault’s story, and new fans were captured. But its impact went even further — dealer networks, partners, stakeholders and staff read the book and immediately ordered copies for themselves. 

The brand book became a beloved piece of history and a source of great pride for Renault Australia—and one of my favourite projects.